Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chick Pea Dosa

Chick Pea – ½ cup
Curd – 1 tsp
Grated Carrot – ½ cup
Chopped ginger – 1 tsp
Chopped Green chilly  – 1 tsp
Chopped Spinach – ½ cup
Chopped curry leaves -  1 tsp
Rice Flour – 2 tbsp
Baking soda – a pinch
Salt to taste
Oil for making dosa.
1) Clean the chick pea and soak overnight. Drain the water.
2) Put the chick pea in a blender and prepare a paste.
3) In a mixing bowl add the chick Pea paste, grated carrot, chopped spinach, Curry leaves, curd, rice flour , green chillies, salt, baking soda. Add little water and prepare a batter. Keep this batter aside for 15 minutes.
4) Pour a laddle full of batter into the non- stick tawa and make into a thick circle.
5) Close the non- stick pan with a lid and cook for few minutes.Then remove the lid and turn over .
6) Fry till golden brown.
7) Serve it with sambar or chutney.

Sending this to akila's Dish name starts with C.

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